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One of the best apps produced in New Zealand to trace user's location and I would like to add some of my inputs to make it more efficient for the users (Personal Opinion).

Why did I do this ?

Due to lockdown, I was trying to do something productive therefore I was trying to work on my open-world game (Long-term project) and was using the covid tracer app whenever I go to the supermarket. The app was perfect and easy to use but I thought of creating an efficient solution for this.

How did I do it ?

It was long process and lot of reading ! But I have few solutions and created a userflow for the efficient one.

  • GPS offine indicator with google api to tracer the users location with their permission.

  • Manual data entry by the user.

  • Developing two different apps: one for the user and another for the shop. This method is using bluetooth technology.

Breakdown of the Covid tracer app to understand the features

Sharing the digital Diary.png
More Info-1.png
  • Info can be shared to contact tracing solution

  • Information about about how to save location

More Info.png
  • Date to date update on covid and lockdown levels

  • (Homescreen) Scanning QR code

How it's done.png
  • How it works

User info.png
  • Users data such as locations, NHI and contact details

  • Adding in place manually

  • Brief about the application usage to motivate other users

Sharing the digital Diary-1.png
  • Notification preferences

  • Adding in National Health Index number to identify users faster.

This app has everything but can I make it more efficient 🤔

Yes, with google map API.


What is an API (for those who doesn't know)

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In layman's terms, these interfaces are what allow software solutions to communicate with each other. It helps to think of them as the “engine under the hood,” and the backbone of the connectivity that our society has come to rely upon.

Why google maps API ?

Google maps have an additional feature called timeline which allows it to track the user wherever they go. This feature works offline and online. Check out the example below.

More about google timeline

Google timeline runs in the background which can't be noticed by the users and every month google gives an update on where the user has travelled.


Does this work offline ?

Yes! Google timeline uses built-in GPS radio to figure out where the user is located. Using latitude & longitude data and an offline map will allow the app to locate the user when they go offline.

How can we implement this ?

Frame 2.png

These are some of my roughsketch and roughwork. I always start out with pen and paper, the image on the right shows the idea of how the implementation and on the right are some of the solutions which came to my head.

Frame 1.png

These are some frames which I did roughly to identify the idea.

What did I keep in mind

The features from the current covid tracing app such as

  • Information about how to use

  • Daily updates about lockdown level and covid

  • Notification preference 

What did I implement

The features from google map API timeline such as

  • Google map

  • Timeline

  • Editable screen

Here is the outcome

About the app.png

What did I learn from this case study ?

This lockdown helped me to explore my creative thoughts and helped me to find solutions for user's problems. Thanks to NZ for producing a helpful application which is an example of many countries to follow along.

I took this opportunity to pitch in my solution to make life easier for people around NZ. Please stay safe and healthy. Thanks for your time.

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