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Purpose of this app - About

This is a New Zealand based car finance company. They are one of the biggest car finance company in Auckland, New Zealand. The application can be found in Google play store. 

Instagram Post – 4.png
Instagram Post – 5.png

Initial Client meet - Starting phase

About our Client

Kasinarayanan Gopalakrishnan - He is working as a Solutions Architect at Thornton Green. 

The requirement of the app

The client requested to refine the interface of the application and add a processing box to indicate the process of the application to verifying the individual for approval to buy cars.

Redesign Date: 2020 June - 2020 July


Programs used: Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Mockup Plus

Mockup provided by client

Previous mockup was provided by the client. They have already prepared an MVP and asked me to change the layout and add a tinder swipe feature in the application.

Image 52.png

Initial design - Minimalist

Home_Swipe – 4.png
Sign_in_Password – 1.png
Sign_In or Facebook – 1.png

This was the first layout send to the client but, the client didn't prefer the minimal aesthetic of the application therefore I worked on a couple of revisions to show the client. 

Final Design Layout

Group 159.png
Group 161.png
Group 160.png
Group 164.png

The final layout of the application redesign, Please click the icon below to view the prototype of this application.

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Tailwind is Awesome

Framer motion is the best animation library ngl

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