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About Me

I have always been interested in design since my childhood. I have always found designs for Applications, Websites, video games, and software as an interesting hobby. Even in my early teenage years, I was very interested in the technology around us however the interest started with using browsers, and early apps such as Twitter and Instagram. I was surprised by how those tiny devices can carry so much information.

I started becoming more interested in User Interface Design when I discovered photoshop and started to put things together to form an interface and tried to mock up a windows operating system. My interest gradually increased when a lot of applications came to the market. 

This secured my desire for UX design. Through this interest, I became passionate about how design changes the way we interpret things all around us and I understood how much users are important to a business. My interest in UX/UI design went further when I completed a UI/UX specialization course online. This gave me a different perspective on designing things in various ways. I have always been a fan of video games, therefore, I started designing the interface for video games. I'm also interested in Voice user interface design as it scales beyond the GUI design we are all familiar with and requires UX Designers to think outside the box of traditional screen design. 

I'm also currently exploring the world of front end development with markups like HTML5, CSS, and also getting my head around JavaScript. My long term ambition is to work at a company as a Lead product designer.



Design Thinking and Challenge Management

Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator


Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner


SAP's UX Strategy in a Nutshell by Sam Yen